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We are thrilled to announce the public pre-sale of our token, $CERUS. With this sale, we’re giving you a chance to be among the first people to get in on the action! The $CERUS token is currently on sale at a 20% discount on the Metis Andromeda blockchain. This token will be used to incentivize and empower members of the CERUS protocol, a decentralized node operating service owned by the community.

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CERUS Protocol

$CERUS is building Web3 infrastructure with reliable nodes, increased scalability and financial inclusion for all through our rewards, incentives and data-driven governance model. Our mission is to power the future of Web3 and build a more decentralized, open and secure internet while incentivizing investors with node rewards.

Through our community-owned nodes, CERUS is committed to decentralizing infrastructure, scaling blockchains, and enhancing network security, all while distributing sustainable rewards to our community members through our NFTs & utility token $CERUS.

$CERUS Token

The $CERUS token is essential to our vision, as we are building an incentivized platform — meaning all users will be rewarded for their contributions with tokens. These rewards can then be used for a variety of purposes as described later in the article.


Public Sale

Our final token pre-sale round is underway! Details of the sale and how to buy it are below.

Price: $0.80 ($1 launch price)

Minimum Buy: $50 m.USDT

Duration: 30 days (ends April 19th)

15% Of all tokens sold during this round will be unlocked at TGE!

Buy Here:


The three biggest buys (single transaction size) will win the following:

1st. 250 m.usdc

2nd. 150 m.usdc

3rd. 50 m.usdc

Public Sale Token Vesting

15% of the tokens bought during this public sale will be unlocked on launch date.

There will be a short 7 day cliff before 14.16% of the remaining vested allocation will be unlocked on a monthly basis.

All tokens will be unlocked in 6 months.

$CERUS Utilities

$CERUS will serve as the governance token for the CERUS protocol, as conversion into a self-managed Decentralized Autonomous Company is currently underway with KORIS. Along with serving as a governance token, $CERUS holders will benefit in many ways, notably with innovative APY strategies that interact with our NFTs.

Initial $CERUS utilities are listed below:

Stake to Earn Users will be able to stake $CERUS and earn more $CERUS as rewards. These rewards will come from emissions, NFT royalties and an initial token sell tax. During promotional periods, or due to governance voting, $METIS rewards will also be distributed to $CERUS stakers.

Stake to GovernAs CERUS becomes a community-managed protocol, key decisions will be delegated to the community. Governance power will be earned through staked $CERUS tokens. The more $CERUS that is staked, and the longer it is staked will contribute to a member’s governance power. (See Stake for Reputation to learn how to boost governance power)

Stake to Contribute Members who stake a certain amount of $CERUS will be able to work on restricted bounties and protocol tasks that are closed to the public. Contributors will earn payments in $CERUS, $METIS and/or m.USDC.

Stake for Access Any future expansion of nodes will come with a new NFT mint. Holders with a minimum amount of $CERUS staked, and holders who have staked $CERUS for a certain amount of time will have earned spots on our priority list for every new mint.

Special NFT mints will also be reserved for members with a certain amount of $CERUS staked.

Stake for ReputationLonger stakes not only give members access but also raises their governance power. The longer you stake and the more you stake, the more CERUS Reputation Power (RP) you can earn to boost your rewards APR and governance power. With high governance power, members will be able to suggest and vote on protocol upgrades.

Members with higher CERUS RP earn Web3 credentials through NFT badges (SBTs).

Additional Utilities The CERUS community will design and determine any additional utilities for the $CERUS token.


$CERUS will be a native utility token on the Metis Andromeda network.

Max Supply — 5,000,000

Sell Tax — 5%

Add Liquidity Tax — NO

Remove Liquidity Tax — NO

Token Allocation

The max supply of 5,000,000 $CERUS tokens will be allocated as follows:

  1. Protocol Development = 9% — 450,000
    Assigned to the following, but not limited to, tasks: implement new features in the protocol, upgrades to the infrastructure, adding CERUS nodes, etc.
  2. Marketing = 9% — 450,000
    Assigned to advertising campaigns, competitions, giveaways on socials, media placements, community rewards, etc.
  3. Staking = 20% — 1,000,000
    As part of our APY program, $CERUS holders will be able to stake their $CERUS in our dApp and compound membership rewards for a higher APY.
  4. Initial LP = 10% — 500,000
    Allocation assigned to provide the initial liquidity in the DEX during TGE.
  5. Liquidity Reserve = 10% — 500,000
    Allocation reserved for future liquidity needs.
  6. Angels Investors Round = 7% — 350,000
    Part of a series of private and public rounds to raise funds for the protocol and kick start the Treasury.
  7. Early Bird Round = 8% — 400,000
    Part of a series of private and public rounds to raise funds for the protocol and kick start the Treasury.
  8. Public Sale = 10% — 500,000
    Part of a series of private and public rounds to raise funds for the protocol and kick start the Treasury.
  9. Community Rewards (Airdrop) = 6% — 300,000
    Early CERUS members who complete certain tasks will be airdropped $CERUS tokens.
  10. Team Allocation = 11% — 550,000
    Team tokens are locked in vesting contracts. Vesting schedule is 16.6% quarterly.


$CERUS Token is designed with deflationary ability to ensure a controlled, limited supply over time. Max supply is 5 million tokens, but it will likely never be reached as tokens are likely to be burned over time through community governance of the protocol’s treasury.

Sell Tax Distribution

$CERUS will have a sales tax in place for any sale of the CERUS-METIS LP.

Sell tax: 5% (This percentage can be adjusted once community voting is implemented.)

All taxes will go to the CERUS treasury for members to manage in which they could burn tokens, use them for protocol development or use them for community incentive campaigns, among many other options.

$CERUS Staking

As part of our rewards program, $CERUS holders will be able to stake their $CERUS in our dApp and compound membership rewards for a higher APY.

Single-staking $CERUS rewards will be distributed in $CERUS with opportunities for rewards in $METIS at certain times or events.

Once the additional nodes are live and generating monthly rewards, additional $METIS may be pooled into a Staking Rewards Pool per community governance.

Every time that happens, the Staking Reward Contract will recalculate the new APR based on the new amount of $METIS tokens in the pool.

Emissions won’t be linear as it will depend on the amount of $METIS in the pool.

Don’t Miss Out On the CERUS Bull Rush

CERUS promises to be a valuable protocol to both its members and blockchain infrastructure. The $CERUS token is the gateway into CERUS and, as such, will be a key factor in achieving its goals. The CERUS Bull Rush is a great opportunity to get involved with the protocol at an early stage and benefit from generous staking rewards for a higher APY.

Furthermore, by participating now you can help shape the future of the CERUS protocol.

Join us in building a more secure & equitable future for web3!

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Cerus Nodes

CERUS powers and secures the Metis blockchain with decentralized Verifier and Sequencer nodes while distributing rewards to investors through the $CERUS token.